Teacher-Scholar Award

The Teacher-Scholar Award is made to an outstanding faculty member who enhances teaching with his or her own scholarship, research, or creative work, integrating the perspective of seeker and teacher and strengthening the College's academic climate by demonstrating to students and colleagues the value and excitement of scholarly inquiry.

Teacher-Scholar Award Winners
2015  Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
2014 Stefanie Rocknak
2013 David Cody
2012 Laurel Elder
2011 Katherine O'Donnell
2010 Gary E. Stevens
2009 Tom Travisano
2008 Mary Allen
2007 Mike Woost
2006 Peter Wallace
2005 Marilyn Wesley
2004 Eric Johnson
2003 Linda Swift
2002 Meredith Newman
2001 Carol Frost
2000 Ron Brzenk
1999 Margaret Schramm
1998 Mary Vanderlaan
1997 Phil Young
1996 Stan Sessions
1995 Roberta Griffith
1994 Win Wandersee
1993 David Anthony
1992 Bob Bensen
1991 Connie Anderson
1990 Bob Titus