Presenting a Portfolio to an Employer

Before an Interview

  • Before an interview, do everything you can to make sure your interviewers know that you have a portfolio.
  • On your resume, you could say something like this at the bottom, "Professional Portfolio Available upon Request." Your cover letter is also an ideal place to mention that you have a portfolio you would be willing to share with an employer during an interview.
  • In a phone interview, mention that you have a career portfolio that can illustrate the examples you are discussing to an employer.

During an Interview

  • Be very careful to only use your portfolio to support answers, and not to replace you answering the question on your own.
  • Keep the portfolio closed during most of the interview, using it only to help illustrate a point or demonstrate a particular skill or experience.

After an Interview

  • Leave a copy with the employer (abbreviated version) if you can. This gives you a definite reason to follow up with a phone call to get the employer's impressions and to answer any additional questions they may have after looking through your portfolio.