Credential File

The Office of Career Services wants to assist you in your search for meaningful employment. One way we can do this is by maintaining your career credentials (reference letters, resume, certifications, unofficial transcript) and distributing copies of them upon written request from you or from a prospective employer. Immediate access to this kind of information is important to most employers.

A credential service is available to candidates who have established a file with the Office of Career Services. Your registration is complete only when you have submitted all of the following:

1. The authorization form
2. One copy of your resume

All of the necessary forms are included in the packet (available from Career Services). Please follow these steps:

1. Complete the Authorization form. By completing this form you are giving the Office of Career Services permission to:

  • Maintain a credential file on your behalf,
  • Request an unofficial transcript to be included in your file, if you choose,
  • Release your credentials to prospective employers.

2. Submit one copy of your resume. A career advisor will review your rough draft if you wish. There are also workshops on resume writing as well as guides available in Career Services to help you in preparing your resume. We advise you to submit a one-page resume. Two pages may be necessary if you have extensive employment experience.

3. Distribute reference forms. Applicants for entry-level positions should have a minimum of three references. These references could include work supervisors, internship supervisors or Hartwick College faculty members and staff. Ask only those individuals who can provide honest, candid and positive recommendations. See instructions "To the Candidate," on the back of the reference form in the Credential File Packet.

4. How to request the sending of your credentials. Be sure all of your references have been received by the Office of Career Services before you request that your credentials be sent. Submit your request(s) IN WRITING, to Gladys Freeland, listing your full name, current address and graduation year. Have your credentials sent to those organizations that have specifically requested them. Unless otherwise indicated, credentials are usually requested by an employer AFTER they have had an opportunity to interview you.

About Transcripts: If you wish to have an unofficial transcript included in your crediential file, please indicate this on the authorization form. If you wish an Official Transcript, you must request this of the Registrar and pay a fee.

How long are credential files retained? The Office of Career Services will retain your file as current, for five years after graduation. You will need to request in writing that your file be returned to you prior to the end of the five years, otherwise your records will be destroyed.