The Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interviewing is a form of interviewing based on the concept that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. Behavioral interviewing probes much deeper into your experience than the traditional form of interviewing so preparation is the key.

Key Points to Critical Behavioral Interviews:

  • Your preparation should include thinking through examples of situations where you have demonstrated behaviors the company is looking for.
  • As the interviewee, you will tell your “story” for a few minutes. Then the interviewer will pick apart the story to try to get at the specific behavior(s). He/she may probe further for more depth or detail such as “What were you thinking at that point?” or “Tell me more about your meeting with that person.” or “Lead me through your decision process.”
  • Use the STAR technique (explain the Situation, state the Task, tell what Action you took, and share the Results) in preparing your responses to keep them clear and to the point.
  • Listen carefully to the question and ask for clarification if necessary. Make sure you answer the question completely.
  • Use your resume as a guide when answering questions. Use examples from past internships, summer jobs, class projects, campus activities, community involvements, and work experience.