Final Resume Tips

  • Keep your resume short! One page should suffice.
  • Proper spelling is paramount. A perfectly wonderful resume will be overlooked if it has spelling errors. Use the spellcheck on your computer but don't rely on it to catch everything--it can't detect words that have been used improperly (i.e., using the word "if" in the place of "in"). Have your resume read by several people including a member of the Career Services staff.
  • Phrasing--keep your descriptions crisp, clear, and concise. Make it easy for the employer to read your resume. A short phrase like: "created a database system to handle an inventory of over 2200 items" is better than long expository statements. Use the third person (no "I," "me" or "My" on your resume).
  • Quantify as much as possible (i.e., "Supervised a staff of ten lifeguards.").
  • Stress the positive; omit the negative.
  • Items that don't belong on a resume include salary requirements, names and addresses of your references, personal data (age, height, weight, and marital status), reasons for leaving an old job, typos!
  • Strive for balance. Visually attractive resumes command more reading time than cluttered pages filled with big blocks of print.
  • Be professional, packaging counts! Good quality 100% cotton paper is recommended. Colorful resumes are eye-catching but often inappropriate; sticking to white or some other neutral shade is the best approach. Avoid the appearance of a photocopied resume. Use a quality printer, such as a laser printer for the best presentation.
  • Beware of slipping in abbreviations which might be household words at Hartwick but foreign to employers (e.g., Wick).
  • Tailor your resume toward the position you're looking for! And don't forget, every time you send a resume, it should be accompanied by a cover letter.

If you need further assistance with your resume, please make an appointment with a career advisor in the Office of Career Services. Our office also houses a number of resume examples for you to take a look at, so feel free to stop by and browse our resources.