Hartwick students are groomed both in and out of the classroom to support your team as effective new hires and interns. Hartwick's faculty members are dedicated to working one-on-one with every student to shape their field expertise and technical knowledge. As a result of Hartwick's unique blend of classroom education and experiential learning, students develop key interpersonal, presentation, analytical, and communication skills before ever reaching your door.

Our unique global opportunities give students that critical global perspective, so essential in this diverse world. Hartwick's Office of Career Services is constantly growing and finding new ways to develop students along the way to professional preparation and excellence. The Career Services team is ready and willing to meet your needs as an employer, and partner with you in finding the candidate(s) most suited to your opportunity - whatever that may be.

Post a job on our Career Service database and get connected to key candidates - call 607-431-4425 or e-mail PSGE@hartwick.edu. We will work to identify candidates and partner with faculty to circulate your company materials and job-opportunity through the appropriate academic departments.

On-Campus recruiting is a great way to engage with high quality candidates from across divisions. Jump-start the interview process by setting up appointments before you even arrive on campus. For more information please contact Hartwick's Assistant Director of Career Services, Melissa Marietta, at 607-431-4047 or mariettam@hartwick.edu.

Offer an internship and come to our annual Internship Fair to meet more than 200 students in just a few hours. Hartwick's Internship Coordinator is here to support students and employers. If you have an internship opportunity, or if you'd just like to better understand what having an intern is all about, contact Kirsten Oehl at 607-431-4249 or oehlk@hartwick.edu.

Our recruiting policy can be found here.