Career Information for Families

Do you remember teaching your student to drive? While getting behind the wheel is filled with excitement, the experience can cause anxiety and fear for families. In order for the new driver to succeed, the family member must trust the student and provide calm, patient, and supportive guidance. The transition to college can feel the same way for students and families. You only want what is best for your student -- that and for her not to sleep in your basement when she graduates. Once again, a successful strategy is to allow your student to be the driver.

Feel confident that the faculty and staff at Hartwick will help your student develop a plan and engage in a variety of activities that will provide your student with post-graduate tools for success. We encourage you to be a supportive partner in the process. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Ask about your student's career plans and be open to their interests and ideas.
  • Remember that many students change majors two or three times, and may have a dozen or more job changes in a lifetime, making a liberal arts education a valuable asset.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of Career Services for career advising, self-assessments, networking and employment events, internship support, resume help, and workshops. Take a look at our year-by-year pages to get an idea of simple steps your student can take. This includes taking advantage of J Term, internships, and Link programs.
  • Encourage your student to search for internships and jobs with our online WickWorks system.
  • Give your student a professional "interview suit," briefcase, or portfolio as a gift.
  • Connect your student to colleagues, family, and friends who are willing to serve as mentors. Every piece of information your student receives will inform him about his own post graduate plans.

Finally, consider hosting a Hartwick student for an internship or externship. Please contact Internship Coordinator Kirsten Oehl at to learn more.