Checklist for Arranging an Internship

The following checklist outlines a series of steps to take in arranging an internship. Planning must begin at least one semester in advance.

Pick up an Internship Handbook at the Office of Career Services and make an appointment to speak with Melissa Marietta, Career Advisor, early in the semester. (Click here for information on locating an internship.) If you already have located an internship, read the section "Internships Developed by Students" and then follow STEPS 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 below.

Seek a faculty supervisor in the department from which you would like to receive credit for your internship. Your faculty supervisor does not have to be your academic advisor, although that is often a good choice. Inquire about the department's specific requirements for an internship.

Complete the Internship Application
in the Internship Handbook and return it to Career Services by the posted deadline. Make sure your academic advisor and your faculty supervisor have signed the form! This application indicates that you have obtained a faculty supervisor and a department's approval to complete an internship. You do not need to have located an internship to return this form.

Prepare a resume and cover letter. Sample resumes and cover letters, along with information on preparing these documents, can be found in Career Services. Most internships will require that you submit a resume and cover letter as part of the application process. It usually is wise to apply to at least three internships, as many are very competitive. Follow up about a week later with a phone call to discuss the internship or arrange an interview if necessary. Students often make the mistake of mailing out many resumes and then just waiting to hear back from the organizations; experienced interns often tell us that it was their persistence that helped them to get their position!

Attend a mandatory pre-internship seminar. You can sign up for one of these seminars when you turn in your internship application to Career Services.

Complete an Internship Learning Agreementonce you have been accepted at an internship site. Devise a draft of your learning agreement. You will need to consult with both your faculty supervisor and your supervisor at the work site in order to complete this agreement.

Submit the completed, TYPED Internship Learning Agreement to the Office of Career Services. If you are unable to meet with your work supervisor face-to-face before the Internship Learning Agreement deadline, you must fax the agreement to him or her. All signatures are required by the deadline.

Write a letter of refusal to any organization that offered you an internship that you did not accept.