Intern for Credit

There are a few steps involved to register to earn credit for your internship. Don't worry, they're easy! Come in to the PSGE Center for a quick conversation about registering for credit, or just email specific questions to Internship Advisor Kristin Bergene at any time. She is here to help. Email:

Registration Deadlines (TBA)

Steps to Register for Credit

  1. Once you have an internship lined up, decide how many credits you would like to register to earn. For every 40 hours that you work on-location, you can register up to 1 credit. Thus 40 hours = 1 credit, while 80 hours = 2 credits and so on. You can register as many or as few credits as you choose, within these set guidelines. 
  2. Approach a faculty member to be your internship faculty supervisor. You will work with your faculty supervisor to set basic academic components to complete during your internship. In addition to your work performance, and the work supervisor's evaluation, these academic activities are what you are graded on. 
  3. Confirm with your internship work supervisor what you will be doing during the internship (what will your tasks, responsibilities, and projects be). 
  4. Complete the online Learning Agreement (LA) at: 
  5. Get signatures. You'll need signatures from both your faculty and work supervisors and your department chair. (After submitting the LA, an auto-confirmation goes to you and your faculty supervisor. Attached to that email will be a PDF signature page. (This last step is easier than it sounds - Kirsten is here to help.)