Internship Guidelines and Procedures

Are there "rules" or guidelines I need to follow in order to receive credit for my internship?

Yes!! The following is a list of guidelines established for the internship program. Please schedule an appointment with the Career Advisor in Career Services to ask any questions or receive further details.

  • Freshman, Sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good standing and who have completed the prerequisite courses are encouraged to apply for academic internships. (Some departments prefer that students wait until their junior year to intern; students are encouraged to check with their academic departments for more information.)

  • Internship credit must be approved by an academic department.

  • Internships can be completed in any of the academic terms--Fall, Spring, or January--or during the summer.

  • The following requirements have been established as a guideline for the number of hours at the work site needed to obtain credit for an internship:
    • 40 hours - 1 credit
    • 80 hours -- 2 credits
    • 120 hours -- 3 credits
    • 160 hours -- 4 credits
    • 200 hours -- 5 credits
    • 240 hours -- 6 credits

The maximum number of credits to be awarded for any one internship is 6, with an increase in academic requirements for 5- and 6-credit internships.

  • All students applying for academic internships must locate a faculty supervisor from the department in which they wish to receive credit.

  • All students must complete a Learning Agreement prior to starting an internship; this agreement outlines what the student intends to learn during the internship, how that information will be learned, and how learning will be demonstrated and measured. The Learning Agreement serves as a contract between the student, faculty supervisor, work supervisor, and Career Services, and outlines the responsibilities of each party.

  • Students may not work directly with a parent or a relative at an internship site.

  • Students may undertake either paid or unpaid internships for credit; the decision regarding whether or not to pay an intern is left to the sponsoring organization.

  • Students must apply for internships during the term prior to that in which the internship will be completed, following the deadlines set by Career Services. No credit will be awarded for previously completed internships.

  • Students participating in internships must realize that they are representing Hartwick College and act accordingly.

  • Students will receive two evaluations by their site supervisors during the course of the internship (except for J Term, when there is time for only one evaluation); evaluations are kept in students' files in Career Services, and originals sent to the faculty supervisor.

Getting a Grade and Credit: In order to receive credit for the internship a student must complete all requirements, as outlined in the learning agreement, by a deadline determined by the Office of Advising and Registration. Until the requirements are complete, students will see an incomplete on the transcript. If a student does not complete all learning agreement components, and receive a grade for the work by the deadline, the student's grade will change from an incomplete to an F. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the academic deadlines.