Resumes and Cover Letters for Internships

I have been asked to submit a resume and cover letter as part of my internship application. Do you have information that will help me to prepare these?

Yes! A resume is usually a potential employer's first impression of you, so it is important to present yourself professionally. The Office of Career Services has information to assist you in writing your resume and cover letter. It is strongly recommended that you have a member of the Career Services staff proofread your resume and cover letter before you send them out. Many sample resumes can be found in the Office of Career Services; a sample cover letter is provided below.


Your Street Address
City, State, Zip
Today's Date

Ms. Geraldine P. Godfrey
Account Manager
Bickette Associates
134 34th Street
New York, New York 11315

Dear Ms. Godfrey:

In your opening paragraph, introduce yourself as a Hartwick College student and give your class year (sophomore, junior or senior) and major (also minor if relevant). State why you are writing this letter. If appropriate, refer to the specific internship for which you are applying and the Office of Career Services at Hartwick, if that is where you found the internship.

In your second paragraph, state that a copy of your resume is enclosed. Briefly explain why you would like to do the internship, and why you believe you are qualified. You may include information about any relevant skills or past experiences which you feel would be an asset in the internship. State the semester in which you would like to do it. Include beginning and ending dates and the number of hours per week you can work. In a letter of inquiry, it is frequently advantageous to state that you will be receiving academic credit for the internship, if this is true in your case.

In your final paragraph, express appreciation for the consideration which will be given your application or request for an internship. State that you will call in about a week to discuss the internship, to arrange an interview if necessary, or to answer any questions the person to whom you are writing may have.



Julia F. Burke