Learning Agreement

Is there paperwork I need to complete to receive credit for an internship? Yes, the Internship Learning Agreement.

The Learning Agreement serves as a contract between the student, faculty supervisor, work supervisor, and Career Services, and outlines the responsibilities of each party involved. It also acts as a syllabus for the internship, outlining objectives, daily activities, and the academic work upon which the student will be graded.

For a January Term or Spring internship, the Learning Agreement, all signatures, and other required materials, need to submitted by December 6, 2013. The link to the Learning Agreement can be found here.

Please note: Kirsten Oehl, Internship Coordinator, is the last person to sign the agreement and will do so only after receiving a complete Learning Agreement. She will send you a confirmation notice of registration within a week of the deadline.

Is there a fee for internship credit?

There is a fee to register for summer internship credit. It is $325 for 1-4 credits and $650 for 5-8 credits.

There is also a fee for students who register for a J-Term internship for more than 4 credits. Please contat our office to inquire about the cost.

Your account will be billed after your registration is confirmed.

What if I need to make changes to my Learning Agreement after I've registered for the internship?

Students must complete The Learning Agreement Change Form and obtain signatures from the Faculty Supervisor and submit to the Career Advisor for final approval. The Career Advisor will notify the Registrar of changes and inform the student if any additional action must be taken.

What if I find an internship and want to register after the deadline?

If you want to register for an internship for the fall, spring or J Term semester, please contact the Registrar's Office for petition forms. Your learning agreement must be complete before petitioning. Your petition must be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standards.

If you want to petition for a summer internship, please complete your Learning Agreement and a Summer Internship Petition Form and fax to Career Services at 607-431-4008.

Please note: You can not petition for internship credit after completion of the internship.