Learning Agreement Responsibilities and Signatures

The Learning Agreement is designed as a contract between the student, the faculty supervisor, the academic department, the work supervisor, and the Office of Career Services. The Learning Agreement Form must be signed by all parties signifying their agreement to the responsibilities stated below, and must be received in the Office of Career Services by the published deadline, before the internship can be registered for academic credit.

The Student agrees to:

  • Perform, to the best of my abilities, those tasks assigned by my work supervisor which are related to my Learning Objectives and the responsibilities of this position.
  • Follow all rules, regulations, and normal requirements of the organization.
  • Behave in a professional manner and act as a positive representative of Hartwick College while working at my internship site.
  • Fulfill to the best of my abilities the Learning Objectives stated in this agreement, along with any academic activities assigned by my faculty supervisor.
  • Communicate with my faculty supervisor and the Office of Career Services regarding any changes to the Learning Agreement, as well as any problems encountered during the course of the internship.
  • Provide the Office of Career Services with feedback at the end of the experience regarding the internship experience, including whether or not I would recommend it to other students.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Office of Global Education to review pre-departure information and forms if this is an abroad internship.

The Faculty Supervisor agrees to:

  • Attest that the proposed internship is relevant to the student's academic and career interest/objectives, and that the experience is academically appropriate.
  • Discuss with the student how the internship experience fits in with the student's curriculum.
  • Assist the student with any questions related to the academic activities assigned.
  • Assist the student with any problems that occur related to the internship.

The Department Chair agrees to:

  • Review the student's eligibility for participating in an academic internship, including grade point average, prerequisite courses taken, etc.
  • Verify that the proposed experience meets with the department's guidelines and expectations for an academic internship.
  • Inform the Career Advisor of any changes to department internship requirements.

The Work Supervisor agrees to:

  • Provide the intern with a structured work environment, and a description of the intern's responsibilities.
  • Provide the orientation, training, and ongoing supervision necessary for the intern to perform assigned tasks/duties.
  • Provide regular feedback to the intern regarding performance.
  • Complete a written evaluation of the intern at the mid-point and conclusion of the internship.
  • Communicate to the student's faculty advisor and/or the Office of Career Services in the event that any problems arise during the course of the internship.

The Internship Coordinator agrees to:

  • Maintain communication and act as a liaison between the student, the faculty supervisor and the work supervisor.
  • Assist the student, faculty, and work supervisor in resolving any problems that might arise.
  • Review the Learning Agreement for completeness and accuracy of information.
  • Review the evaluations from both the student and the work supervisor at the end of the internship, and to assess the satisfaction of all parties with the experience.

The Study Abroad Advisor agrees to:

  • Review pre-departure information with the student to prepare him/her for his/her learning experience abroad.
  • Collect completed study abroad forms and paperwork from the student.
  • Verify that the proposed internship meets Global Education study abroad experience guidelines.
  • Assist the student, faculty, work supervisor, and internship coordinator in addressing issues that might arise during the internship given student's study abroad status.