Locating an Internship

Where can I look for an internship?

Internships can be found in a variety of ways, including online databases and websites, in resource books, and through alumni and other contacts made in the Office of Career Services. The resources available in Career Services and among the career advising staff give students the opportunity to consider a wide range of possible internships. The following is a description of the resources:

Web Resources and Online Databases:

The Office of Career Services subscribes to the following online internship databases:

WICKWorks- Search for jobs and internships, attend virtual career fairs and network with mentors at a site for Hartwick students. The username is your Hartwick email and the password is your ID number. This site also provides links on its homepage to many other online internship and job resources recommended by career advising staff.

LACN Internship Database - Search for over 4,500 internships, summer and entry level jobs using this database shared by 28 liberal arts colleges in the Liberal Arts Career NetWORK.

Internships USA-- Career Services subscribes to this national database which contains a wealth of resources in areas such as media, community and social services, women's rights issues, international affairs, sports, media, congressional internships, history, human rights, and advertising. Please contact the career advising staff for the username and password, as this is a protected site.

Internships.com This national online service is updated daily with internships in virtually all career fields. The database is always growing, and students are provided with the most up-to-date information as well as access to the most recent internship listings, which can be searched geographically as well as by interest area. Some international internships are listed as well. Contact Career Services for the promo code to enter the site.

UniversityConnectis an internship programs directory providing information on over 2,800 U.S. based internship programs in forty-five industry/career categories. College career centers and college students can access the UniversityConnect internship directory for free.

Alumni, parents, and other college contacts- Career Services often finds resources for jobs and internships through alumni, parents, and others familiar with the College, including those who have hosted Hartwick interns in the past. Feel free to check with career advising staff or with faculty members in your academic department about these contacts, but also be aware that the individuals or organizations may have certain criteria in mind when looking for an intern (as do many organizations that hire college interns).

Local Internships:Students seeking local internships during an academic semester or the summer will find a wide variety of offerings. Local businesses, schools, agencies, hospitals, etc. have offered to partner with Hartwick College to provide these opportunities. Most of these opportunities are posted on WICKWorks.

On-campus Internships:There are several offices on campus that offer internship experiences to students. Those who have offered internships recently include: the Athletic Department, the Business Office, Admissions, the Yager Museum, Student Affairs, Intramurals, and the College Chaplains. Students can inquire about these opportunities directly or come to Career Services to learn more.

If you have located your own internship by contacting relatives, neighbors or friends, that's great! (Please remember that students are not permitted to develop internships in organizations where they would be working under the direct supervision of or in close proximity to a member of their immediate family or a close relative.) Other resources which students use in developing their own internships include the yellow pages of phone books, chamber of commerce lists and career advising staff who will assist with alumni and Hartwick parent contacts.

After securing the name of a person within the organization(s), the student usually sends a letter of interest (cover letter) and a resume to that organization. Occasionally an employer asks that an administrator from the College verify a student's request for an internship or provide additional information on the internship program. The internship coordinator will be happy to do so if contacted by the employer or student. Career Services will try to support a student's efforts to locate an internship in any way possible.