Making Contact With Potential Internship Employers

I have located several internships that interest me; how do I go about contacting the employers?

  • When you have located an internship of potential interest, check the listing or website to see if there is a suggested approach for making contact with the individual in charge of internships. Depending on how you located the internship, you may have been directed to an e-mail address, a website, a mailing address, or a phone number. Use whatever method is suggested as the initial contact. Whether you are contacting the individual in writing or over the phone, be sure your self-introduction includes your school, class year, major, and the type of internship you are seeking. Let the contact person know when you are available to intern; you may need to include the dates, especially if you are interning in January term.

  • If your initial contact was made in writing, allow the contact approximately 7 - 10 days to respond. If you have not heard anything at that time, follow up with a phone call, another e-mail, etc. to say that you are checking to see that your initial request was received. Students who have gotten their “dream” internships in the past have stated that positive persistence was key!

  • Make note of any information given to you over the phone. It helps to keep an info. sheet, index card, etc. on each of your contacts; otherwise you can get confused as to who says what!

  • If you have the chance to speak to an Internship Coordinator or the individual who would be your potential work supervisor, be prepared to ask and answer questions related to your internship. Know, as specifically as possible, the type of experience you are seeking ("what department would you like to intern with?") and be prepared to talk about your academic background. Questions you may want to ask would include those related to the application procedure, deadlines, etc. as well as some information about the responsibilities of an intern. You may want to write down your questions before making calls, as you may be transferred around a bit or put on hold, which can disrupt your train of thought.

  • If you are working with an individual, agency, or business that has not dealt with interns in the past, feel free to tell them that the Career Advisor at Hartwick will send them some information on our internship program. There is information in VD&E geared to employers at potential internship sites, along with contact information, should they have any questions.

Please contact Melissa Marietta, Career Advisor, x4047, with any questions regarding the Internship Process.