Networking for an Internship

Networking is your secret weapon. This is not optional. In today's economy it's a must.

Employers prefer to hire candidates they know or who have been recommended or connected to them in some way other than a resume in their inbox. In fact, a whopping 75 - 85 percent of jobs and internships are filled by people who've formed or found networking connections with employers, while the remaining 15 - 24 percent of positions are filled by people who apply through an employer website or job board such as

Networking should take up 80 percent of the time you commit to a job or internship search.

Don't know anyone and have zero networking opportunities? You might be surprised. Start by talking to everyone you know about the internship you want. This means parents, family friends, coaches, old high school teachers and current professors -- everyone. Professors in particular are often very well connected. Start off by doing that and you are already networking.

Don't forget that Hartwick alumni provide a great network right at your fingertips!  Alumni can be a terrific way to get a foot in the door.