Summer Internship Information

What are the special policies/guidelines that relate to summer internships?

Summer is a wonderful time to complete an internship. With such a wide variety of opportunities available, students can gain experience, network, and apply classroom knowledge at a time when there are fewer distractions than during the academic year and more time than in January term.

As always, many of the best offerings are filled early or have early application deadlines, so looking for a summer internship during the Fall term is often a good idea. If you wish to do an internship in a geographic area where you will need to find housing, please contact the Career Advising staff in Career Services for resources and ideas.

A list of information essential to the registration process follows.

*Internships completed during the summer must be arranged by the end of the previous spring term (see deadlines). NO SUMMER INTERNSHIPS CAN BE REGISTERED UPON THE STUDENT’S RETURN TO CAMPUS IN THE FALL!!

*There is no financial aid, tuition remission or waiver of fees for internships for summer credit.

*Internships registered for summer credit carry a non-refundable $325 fee for up to 4 credits; internships for 5-6 credits will carry a $650 fee.

*Credit for internships completed during the summer cannot be counted toward the following fall semester.