When to Intern

When can you do an internship? Any time of the year!

During Fall and Spring Term
Find - or create - an internship opportunity that fits you best. Get creative! Many students do internships during the year with local employers, some downtown, and some right here on campus. Internships during a semester can be a few hours or many, and be on one day or all week. It's up to you!

During J Term
J Term is a great time to undertake  an internship experience. Go home and do one while staying with family. Stay on campus and intern with one of our local partners. Competition for positions is low as J Term is unique to Hartwick!

During the Summer
Summer is a time to make money - that is understandable. But you need to think about the longterm as well. How will you pay off those school loans after you graduate? Do an internship in order to snag that top job when you graduate. You can work part- or full-time in the summer and do a part-time internship. 

Remember to earn credit for your internship!