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Self-assess to discover and learn to articulate your values, interests, skills, and abilities.
Research fields, careers, and organizations online.
Learn about jobs and organizations from the experts through networking, informational interviews, and job shadowing and link experiences.

Try it Out! Gain Relevant Experience and Transferable Skills
Undergraduate Research
Community-Based Service Learning
Off-Campus J Term and Study Abroad
Student Work Study and Part-time Employment

Prepare Your Application and Self-Marketing Materials
Create a Resume 
Write a Cover Letter
Obtain references and/or letters of recommendation
Create and/or update your LinkedIn profile

Connect with Prospective Employers
Searching for Jobs Postings
Job Search Timeline
Apply and Prepare for an Interview
Schedule a mock interview with a career advisor
Assistance with application process

Transition from Student to Professional
Evaluating an offer & negotiating salary
Relocation Resources
Living independently
Professionalism in the workplace

Amanda Robinson '16

Amanda Robinson '16

I have had the opportunity to do three internships.

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