Develop Your Tools

Resumes & Cover Letters. The Resume and Cover Letter are important tools. Spend time tailoring a resume to reflect your unique qualities as they relate to the type of position for which you are applying. If you are applying for positions in different fields then you should develop different resumes, each focusing on attributes important to the field you are considering.

References. References are key people who can comment favorably on your abilities and potential. Choose three or four professionals who have seen you in action and can address the skills you are trying to highlight. A faculty member, a former employer, or an intern supervisor are good choices. When you ask them to write or serve as a reference, be sure to provide them with a copy of your resume and an indication of your career goals. The Office of Career Services has a "Credential File Service" available to students. This service maintains your career credentials (unofficial transcript, letters of recommendation, resume, etc.) on file and will distribute copies of them to potential employers upon written request from you. Your credentials will be kept on file for five years and is a free service if you elect to set on up. Note: It is particularly important for students pursuing teaching positions to set up a Credential File.

Career Portfolio. The Office of Career Services is available to help you with the construction of a career portfolio. A career portfolio is a collection of your work, each sample representing a skill that you offer an employer. The contents should include samples of technical competence and specific skills, as well as transferable and personality skills. A career portfolio is an excellent tool to market yourself in an interview.

List of Potential Employers. The Career Services' career library contains directories, periodicals, and books that will be helpful in compiling this list. Career Services has also just purchased access to CareerSearch. CareerSearch is a powerful on-line employment research tool with a database of more than a million employers from every major sector of the business and academic worlds. You can use CareerSearch to expand your prospect list. Contact Career Services for the username and password.