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DC Link

You pick a career. Hartwick alumni show you what it's like. The Washington D.C. Link program connects students to professionals (most often Hartwick alumni and parents). This is an exciting way for students to explore career fields, test their professional skills and make connections.  The program will run during Hartwick's spring break from Monday, March 24- Wednesday, March 26. For more information, please contact Lara Sanford, Links Program Coordinator at 607-431-4048 or sanfordl@hartwick.edu.

As a student, the DC Link program will enable you to:

  • Provide a close, detailed look at a future career, before you make the commitment
  • Reinforce or make you re-evaluate your choice of an academic major
  • Open up internship and post graduate job options
  • Begin or hone your networking skills
  • Meet alumni and Hartwick parents
  • Find out if you would like to live and work in a major metropolitan city

Stop by Career Services in the PSGE office, Golisano Hall to apply.