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  • Hartwick student with MetroLink host
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MetroLink FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about MetroLink...

How much does the trip cost? $450, plus we recommend bringing approximately $150 for ancillary expenses such as commuter travel and for personal spending.

Where do I stay? You will be housed with other MetroLink participants in a hotel or hostel.

What about meals? Be prepared to pay for your meals; however, dinner is included at the receptions in each city.

How long a trip is it and when does it take place? The trip takes place during February break, leaving that Monday and returning on Friday.

Can I participate in MetroLink if I am also going on an off-campus program in January? YES! Most , if not all J Term off-campus programs are completed prior to the start of MetroLink, and many past participants have done both.

What kind of preparation is there? The MetroLink Committee runs a mandatory "Prep Seminar" in November that covers all aspects of the trip including tips on proper attire, what clothes to pack, and how to conduct an informational interview. Career advisors also are available to help you with resumes and cover letters.

When should I apply? Stop by Career Services, first floor Golisano for more information and to pick up an application.

For more information contact Lara Sanford or call Career Services at 607-431-4425.