Junior Year

Congratulations, you're half-way there!

Junior year is a critical time to gain career-related experience and for you to find deeper clarity with your post-graduate plans.

  1. Update your resume to reflect all that you did last year and over the summer.
  2. Meet with an advisor in the PSGE Center to talk more about defining your goals and taking advantage of experiential learning opportunities like job shadowing, externships, internships, and off campus programs.
  3. Apply for an Emerson or Duffy Scholarship to fund an internship or research project during your junior year.
  4. Participate in one of our Link Networking or Externship programs.
  5. Attend panels, workshops, and talks offered on campus. You never know what you will learn and who you will meet. Hartwick alumni and community partners are eager to mentor and support students.
  6. Update your Linkedin profile and join an interest group.
  7. Attend the Internship Fair.
  8. Research additional internship and research opportunities and apply for a summer opportunity.
  9. If you are pre-med or pre-law, participate in the Binghamton Link job shadow program or apply for an internship with A.O. Fox Medical Center.
  10. Join a club and consider leadership role to hone professional skills.
  11. Get an on or off campus job.
  12. Volunteer in the community. Gain skills while supporting your neighbors.
  13. Attend the Graduate School Fair to learn more about academic opportunities after Harrwick and learn the process for applying to graduate school.