Recruiting at Hartwick

Employers are important to us!

Hartwick's Office of Career Services is dedicated to providing students with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their postgraduate goals. Employers, as our partners, play a significant role in bringing those goals to fruition. Hartwick graduates are educated in the traditional liberal arts and are prepared to work in the professional world of the second millennium. This traditional preparation with an eye on the future has provided the opportunity for Hartwick students to become productive members of America's best-known corporations, not-for-profit agencies, and institutions.

How can we help you reach our students?

Connections to Seniors Seeking Employment
The best, fastest, easiest, and most productive way to connect your opportunities to Hartwick students is to call or e-mail Lara Sanford at 607-431-4048. Lara is a Career Advisor in the Office of Career Services.

As a resource dedicated to making recruiting at Hartwick a pleasant experience, Lara will:

  • Help you post your positions on WICKWorks. This is a database of jobs, internships and shadow opportunities just for Hartwick College students.
  • Connect you into the Liberal Arts Career Network.This network provides a job and internship listing service that gives you the opportunity to reach 60,000 students at 30 highly selective, small, liberal arts colleges with just one posting, for free!
  • Schedule and confirm a campus recruitment date
  • Reserve interview space for your visit to Hartwick
  • Circulate your company and job-opportunity material to academic departments and to a specific sub-set of our graduating seniors who have requested notification of employment opportunities in the career field your company represents
  • Assist you in scheduling student visits to your site for interviews and inform you of local job fair opportunities

Connections to Undergraduates Seeking Experience: Internships, Summer Employment, & Job-Shadow Programs

Internships and other experiential programs are available for employers to introduce their companies and their employment opportunities to Hartwick undergraduates. These motivated students are seeking experience and resume enhancement work while they prepare for life after graduation. Internships and meaningful summer employment are two pieces of the career exploration puzzle that are stressed in the Office of Career Services. Last year, over half of our graduating seniors had completed at least one internship.

Internships - A great way to meet your future employees! Many employers today look to internships as a way to supplement traditional recruiting practices. If you have a program in place, then you already know the benefits. If you have never had an intern but would like to know more about Hartwick's program, then please call or e-mail Melissa Marietta, 607-431-4047,, Career Advisor.

If you have an internship opportunity to offer, please complete post using our online system WICKWorks.

The College supports 31 majors, and our students are interested in a wide range of work experiences. Hartwick students can earn academic credit for an internship at your site. The student is responsible for all the paperwork associated with the internship. The minimum work commitment to do an internship is 40 hours. For additional information about student guidelines and procedures related to academic internships, see

In addition to posting your internship opportunities to Hartwick students, Melissa would be happy to place your opportunity on the Liberal Arts Career Network consortium internship database.

Summer Employment - A chance to put classroom learning to the test
The Office of Career Services will help your company or not-for-profit agency find qualified students for summer employment opportunities. Call or e-mail Gladys Freeland, 607-431-4425, to find out how we can help you meet your summer staffing requirements.

Paid positions are obviously the preferred opportunities, but many students have the motivation and high interest level to accept non-paid summer work if the opportunity to learn in a unique environment presents itself. Please don't assume that there will not be students interested if a stipend is not part of your opportunity.

Job-Shadow Programs
A third and unique way to reach our students is through one of Hartwick's two main job-shadow programs. During MetroLink, students shadow professionals in their fields of interest in Boston and New York City. The program is geared to upperclass students seeking internships, career networking, and future employment opportunities. The second program, BinghamtonLink, is geared to first and second year students looking to see what a "day in the life of" a particular career would be like. If your company would like to participate in a job-shadow program in any of these cities, please contact the Office of Career Services at 607-431-4433.