• Hartwick students during March of Dime March
  • Hartwick students march in Oneonta Community Holiday Parade
  • Hartwick students during Relay for Life event
  • Hartwick students during flood clean up

CBSL vs. Volunteering & Internships

Unlike volunteering, which many students have experienced in high school,  CBSL is a longer-term service opportunity (a semester or longer) in which learning is continually reinforced in and out of the classroom through reading, writing, research, interviews and group projects. 

Internships tend to focus on the student's goals by focusing on gaining experience in a professional setting. CBSL balances that goal with the needs of the community to provide an identified service or need. It also places the student into a community agency for 15-40 hours of service during a semester, allowing the student to carry a normal academic load of other major and general education classes. CBSL has no financial benefits for the student.