Previous Cyrus Mehri '83 Global Pluralism Fellows

Follow in the steps of Hartwick giants and give voice to issues that are underrepresented at Hartwick.

Past Cyrus Mehri '83 Global Pluralism Fellows include:

  • 2014-2015, Gavin Jenkins '15 explored religious literacy through his project "Religious Pluralism in Higher Education."
  • 2013-2014, Jenna Rodrigues '14 explored the link between environmental degredation and human rights in her project, "Human Rights and Environmental Justice."
  • 2012-2013, Tanae Adderley '14 educated Hartwick on the experiences and conditions facing children in the developing world.
  • 2011-12, Mark de Roziere '13 exposed the Hartwick and Oneonta communities to the Filipino-American experience in the United States through performance artist Christine Corpuz and her one-woman show, "I am Nothing Like My Mother".
  • 2010-11, Brittanie Kemp '11 explored the Intersection of the African Diaspora in the Caribbean through a presentation by a Bahamian activist and former Director of the Bahamas Department of Archives, Dr. Gail Saunders.
  • 2009-10, Hira Siddiqui '10 explored Misconceptions of Islam through a roundtable discussion about Islam; a guest lecturer on Islamic law, the Qur'an, and roles of women in Islam; and a cultural fashion show with a discussion of dress codes in different countries.
  • 2008-2009, Lisa Sampson '09 explored Pluralism Awareness through a speaker series (seven lectures and roundtables on different topics); a visit to a Buddhist monastery in the Catskills; yoga; and a photo exhibit.

The goal of the Cyrus Mehri '83 Global Pluralism Fellowship is to bring diversity awareness to campus through programs on topics, such as difference, religion, culture, ethnicity, politics, race and the tension between power and justice.