Applying for an Emerson Scholarship


Are you interested in an international internship? If so, follow these steps to complete an Emerson Scholarship application. This page is designed to walk you through every element of the application and serves as a checklist to make sure your final application is complete.

1. Scholarship Requirements

Take a look at the scholarship requirements. Make sure you meet the general requirements and understand what it takes to complete an Emerson application.

Click here for Scholarship Requirements

2. Emerson Application Cover Page

The Application Cover Page contains information like your GPA, contact information and your advisor. This document is in a locked Word format. Please type in the information on your computer. Once you have completed the Cover Page, print and attach to the front of your entire application; the Cover Page is the first page of your final application.

Click here for Emerson Application Cover Page

3. Essay Guidelines

The essay guidelines guide your written proposal. Complete the parts outlined in a Word document and attach them to the final application.

Click here for Emerson Essay Guidelines

4. An Official Letter of Acceptance from the Host Organization

Once you have completed any necessary applications for the internship program, you should receive a letter of acceptance from the organization. Print this letter of acceptance and attach it to your final application.

5. A Faculty Recommendation Form

It is important that you work closely with a faculty advisor. You should meet with them prior to giving the form to them and allow them plenty of time to complete it. You can print the form and deliver it to your faculty advisor or send it to them via email. They can then email it to Mansir Petrie at or deliver it to the PSGE Center.

Click here for Faculty Recommendation Form

6. Budget Guidelines and Worksheet

The budget guidelines provide instructions as you go through the process of creating a budget for your Emerson proposal.  The budget worksheet is an Excel spreadsheet that you will modify where necessary, fill in on the computer and print it out when you are finished. Please provide accurate and thorough information regarding proposed expenses.

Click here for Budget Guidelines

Click here for Budget Worksheet

7. Statement of Financial Need

This is a short (1-2 paragraph) piece that explains how you would benefit financially from the scholarship. In a separate word document, answer the questions on the worksheet and attach to your final application packet.

Click here for Statement of Financial Need

8. Learning Agreement Form

The Learning Agreement serves as a contract between the student, faculty supervisor, work supervisor, and Career Services, and outlines the responsibilities of each party involved. It also acts as a syllabus for the internship, outlining objectives, daily activities, and the academic work upon which the student will be graded. To complete this form you will need to be in touch with your internship advisor abroad to work out the terms of your internship. This link will take you to the Hartwick webpage that will help you fill out the Learning Agreement Form. This page contains the link to the document as well as step-by-step instructions for how to complete it.

Click here for Hartwick Learning Agreement

9. Risk Analysis, Mitigation & Acknowledgement of Risk

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with your internship. This form will ask you to outline any possible risks and determine some specific measures you can take to combat them. Fill out the bulk of the form in Microsoft Excel then print and sign. If you are under 21 years of age, you will need a signature from a parent/ legal guardian. Remember to plan ahead so you don't have to scramble last minute to get it signed!

Click here for Risk Analysis, Mitigation and Acknowledgement of Risk Form

10. An Updated Resume

Attach your current resume to the application packet. If you would like some help with your application, pay a visit to Melissa Marietta or Lara Sanford in the PSGE Center.


Please print out all completed documents and attach in order (above) and turn it into the PSGE Center by the deadline. Please send an electronic version to ( In the subject of the email and in each attachment, make sure to put your name and the type of scholarship for which you're applying (Emerson or Duffy). 


For any questions, please contact Mansir Petrie (431-4414 or or Kirsten Oehl (431 4249 - Feel free to visit them at the PSGE Center as well. To schedule an appointment online, please go to WickWorks. For WickWorks, use your Hartwick email (username) and Hartwick ID (password) to gain access.