Duffy Scholarship Winners


Lynda Birt '16
Topography of the Sagas: Iceland

Lynda (English and Theatre) will travel to Iceland this summer to complete a project entitled Topography of the Sagas. Through her research, she will examine the ways the physical locations of the Icelandic sagas inform their content.

Melissa Gifford '17
Understanding Women's Representation in Europe: Ireland, Hungary, and Sweden

Melissa (Political Science) will conduct  research next January Term in three European countries, Ireland, Hungary, and Sweden, to discover societal, economic, or political factors impact women's participation in European politics. She will interview participants about women's representation in government and analyze the results to create three case studies.

Jessica Henderson '16
Presence of Ecologically and Economically Significant Trees in Mazumbai, Tanzania: Tanzania

This summer, Jessica (Biology and Religious Studies) will travel to the West Usambara Mountains in northwestern Tanzania. There, she will visit the Mazumbai Forest Reserve to determine the presence of two species that are economically and ecologically important to the region, which is experiencing the most rapid population growth in the country. 

Kyle Smart '17
Fungal Interactions with Silicate Mineral Surfaces at the Micr0-Scale: Czech Republic, Norway, and Denmark

Kyle (Geology) will travel this summer to watersheds in the Czech Republic and Norway to collect mineral samples. With the samples, he will visit the NanoGeoScience research group at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, to begin to determine how much material was weathered due to the action of fungi that live in symbiosis with the Scots pine, the dominant tree of the watersheds. 

Christian Jones '15
Post-Communist Transformation of Business in Romania: Romania

Chrissy (Accounting and Business Administration) will travel this summer to Romania to conduct interviews exploring the effects of communism on business practices. This project will help her achieve her post-graduation goals of working in international business and non-profit management.


Karissa Harrison '15

The effects of indoor cooking on the respiration of Akha villagers - Chiang Rai, Thailand

This summer, Karissa (Biology) will research the effects of indoor cooking on the respiration of Akha villagers in northern Thailand. In many economically poorer countries, indoor cooking creates a public health challenge. Karissa looks forward to exploring this issue as she works alongside her research advisor, Dr. Linda Swift. 

Deanna Kremzier '15

Living as an Orphan in Cambodia: A Phenomenological Inquiry - Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Deanna (Psychology) will travel next J Term to Cambodia to research orphans under the guidance of Dr. Gregory Smith. Her project, Living as an Orphan in Cambodia: A Phenomenological Inquiry, will largely take place in the areas of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. She is excited to contribute qualitative data to the body of literature on orphans in southeast Asia, which is predominated by quantitative data. She looks forward to gaining a better understanding of what it's like to be an orphan in Cambodia. 

Kalindi Naslund '15

International Perceptions of Bilingualism - El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain

This summer, Kalindi (Spanish) will expand her research on bilingualism, which she started at Hartwick, to northern Spain. There she will hike the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, conducting interviews along the way that explore how people there define and understand 'bilingualism.' She will then carry out a comparative analysis with her findings from her previous research at Hartwick

Pawsansoe Karen Bree '15

Resettlement-Related Decision Making for Burmese Refugees - Nu Say Ploe,Thailand

Paw (International Studies) will travel to northern Thailand this summer to research resettlement-related decision making for Burmese refugees in Thailand. She will carry out interviews in nine refugee camps exploring why certain long-term refugees choose not to resettle in a third country. While researching this topic, she will also help build a small library in the village of Nu Say Ploe near the border of Myanmar (Burma). 

2013 - 2014

Karissa Harrison '15
Womens' Health in Uganda - Jinja, Uganda

Karissa will spend January 2014 in Jinja, Uganda examining reasons by women are not utilizing their local health clinic. She plans to study Ugandan culture, social organization, customs and the social structure as well as conduct interviews with patients and professionals. Her hope is to produce findings to assist the clinic staff and administration.

Abigail Nelson '14
Non-invasive Mark-Recapture Techniques - La Selva Biological Field Station, Costa Rica

Abigail will study non-invasive, mark-recapture techniques during her research experience at La Selva Biological Field Station in Costa Rica. During her January Term research experience, Abigail will examine the efficacy of using variation in skin coloration to mark frogs during recapture surveys. She hopes to determine if this is a non-invasive way to monitor the species.

2012 - 2013

Zhaojing Duan '13
Religious Architecture of China and Japan - various sites in Japan
Ivy will be comparing historical architectural styles between Chinese and Japanese religious buildings this summer. She will experience, photograph and sketch the architecture of the two cultures as well as keep a journal to document the architectural value of the sites. She will visit Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Yokohama and Tokyo.

Emily Lisborg '13
Horse Culture of New Zealand - various locations in New Zealand
Emily is interested in the relationship between people and animals, specifically an anthropological comparison of horsemanship among the European and indigenous Maori peoples in New Zealand. She will work with rural farmers and pastoralists to compare training techniques and learn about the spiritual connection between the Maori and their animals.

Ethan Staats '13
Applying Avian Survey Techniques to Frog Census - Heredia, Costa Rica
Ethan would like to explore the efficacy of applying avian survey techniques to frog censuses using playback counts, a technique usually used to census birds. He will measure the abundance and population density of several frog species in La Selva Biological Research Station. He will compare the results with records of non-avian methods to judge the effectiveness of using a new technique.

Nancy Tarr '14
Music and Architecture in Chartres and Notre Dame - France
At both cathedrals in Notre Dame and Chartres, cathedral schools were developed in order to train musicians to create great musical works that still exist today. The construction of the cathedrals led to enjoying music in its highest form and they were built precisely to accentuate the soaring melodies of that time period. Nancy will create a blog and video to form a digital archive of her findings regarding the relationship between the music and the architectural structures.


Tanae Adderley '13
Small Island Sustainability -- Barbados
Tanae, as an economics student who is from the Bahamas, has had a long-time interest in small island countries and their fragile ecosystems. Her project, called "Small Island Sustainability," will focus on the adverse effects of climate change and coastal development in another Caribbean island, Barbados. In particular, she is interested in learning about coral reef ecosystems as well as examining policies related to solar energy and ecotourism. She will undertake her project in summer, 2011.

Desiree Fuller'12
The Exhibition of a Contested History - S. Africa
During next J Term, Desiree will undertake her Duffy project called "The Exhibition of Contested History" in South Africa. She will examine how museums present "truth" about the history of the country and how the political environment affects the presentation of the past. She will visit a number of important museums and interview professors at the universities in Witwaterstand, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

Victoria Halsted '12
The View Through My Lens - England, Ireland, Scotland
Victoria will travel in summer, 2011, to Ireland, Scotland and England to undertake a photography project called "The View Through My Lens." She wants to photograph the landscapes, seascapes, culture, people and the architecture of city life. She is especially interested in how images are viewed in color v. black and white. While in Edinburg, she will meet the well-known photographer, Elizabeth May, who will mentor her in the areas of landscapes, seascapes and stone buildings.

Elliot Henry '12
Indian Culture and Art
Elliot will travel to India during January, 2012, to visit four cities in northeastern India to compare the cultural and religious heritage of each area. He will attend religious ceremonies and visit temples, meditations, religious festivals and other expressions of the culture. He will experience both the Buddhist and Hindu temples to observe religious artwork and design. He will keep a photo journal of his experiences to share with the Hartwick community when he returns.

Alyssa Pearson '12
Comparative Environmental Law - India
During January, 2012, Alyssa will travel to Kerala, India, in the southwest region, where she will begin groundwork on her thesis in comparative environmental law. She will research domestic and political incentives as well as local and personal motivations to protect the land. She will also look at Indian cultural and religious values related to the environment and nature. She will interview people she meets through her host family and talk with officials in the Ministry of Environment and Forests. She hopes to travel to different wildlife parks and biological reserves as well.