Emerson Scholarship Winners


Brittany Aponte '14

Pre-Medical Internship - Kathmandu, Nepal

Brittany will travel to Kathmandu, Nepal during the summer to complete a maternity medical internship. While there, Brittany will work alongside medical staff to learn about care of mothers and new infants.

Rio Dhat '14
Guardhill Financial Coorportation - New York, New York

Rio, an international student at Hartwick, will intern in Washington, D.C this summer with the Federal Communications Commission as a strategic planning and policy intern. He hopes to better understand how to apply theoretical economic techniques to a policy analysis setting, particularly on the Federal level.

Monica Prager '15
International House of Languages - Valencia, Spain

Monica will intern at the International House in Valencia Spain where she will immerse herself in the culture and master her Spanish language schools. During her summer internship, Monica will plan special events for students attending the school, and assist faculty with lesson plans.

Katie Seibel '15
Cuzco Hospital Intern & Volunteer - Cuzco, Peru

Katie will intern this summer at the Cuzco Hospital in Peru. She'll work alongside medical staff to serve the needs of the community's patients. After her experience, she plans to produce an essay of comparative patient care in order to bring attention to the struggles and benefits of physician to patient communication styles.

Nichole Sturm '14
Fundacion Para La Educacion Y El Voluntariado Internacional (Foundation for Intercultural Education) - Lumbisi, Ecuador

Nichole intends to gain knowledge and insight into non-profit work during her January Term internship at the Fundacion FEVI in Lumbisi, Ecuador. She'll work at the Center's daycare, and will assist students with sports activities, homework, and English lessons. This internship is integral to Nichole's post graduate plans to teach English as a Second Language.

Samantha DePriest Caparelli '14
Wild Bottlenose Dolphine Research - Sardinia, Italy

Samantha will intern this summer with the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute in Sardinia, Italy. She hopes to put classroom theory to practice as she observes current conservation efforts and experiences hands-on learning during her first research experience with marine life. She'll work alongside marine biologists and learn to use scientific instruments such as sonar devices and hydrophones.

Megan Lefeber '14
Medical Spanish Intern - Cuzco, Peru

Megan will intern this summer at the Amatua School in Cusco, Peru. She'll be completing her internship in government-run medical centers, where she'll have experience in pediatrics, obstetrics, general medicine, pharmacy, and the research lab. This language immersion experience will increase her Spanish communication skills and provide her with hand-on experience in healthcare.


 Kate Beidl '13
Amauta Spanish School - Cusco, Peru
Kate will be working at the "Colegio Hijo del Rey" school this summer for 8 weeks, where she will help teachers with daily routines, teach English, organize cultural workshops and participate in sports activities. In the morning the school is a primary school and in the afternoon it is a secondary school, so she will experience teaching students between 6 - 17 years old.

Alexandra Billington '13
Seaview Game and Animal Park - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Through an organization called GoEco, Ali will work with big cats-food preparation and feeding of lions and tiger cubs, taking the cubs for walks, cleaning their enclosures, collecting data on the animals, rehabilitating animals from the wild, and educating tourists and school groups about the environment.

Elizabeth Greco '14
Amauta Spanish School - Cusco, Peru
Liz will be placed at the "Instituto Educativa Humberto Luna" school this summer where she will be working with students aged 6 - 17. In the morning she will assist primary teachers and in the afternoon secondary school teachers. She will teach English, organize cultural workshops and participate in sports activities, as well as help out with daily routines.

Megan Henson ‘ 15
Amauta Spanish School - Buenos Aires, Argentina
During this summer, Megan will work at the Spanish School principally as a marketing intern. Her administrative duties will include social media marketing and analysis of the results of marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and others in order to improve profiles and marketing strategies.

Jessica McCaffery ‘ 14
Child Development Foundation of Nepal, various villages in Nepal
Jessica will be doing research in malnutrition in the villages of Gorkha, Ashray, Baguvu, Borlang, Sikhre and Khanchok this summer. She will research the level of malnutrition in Tibetan refugee children ages 0 - 5 to develop practical solutions to incorporate essential nutrients into their diet. She will also investigate the relationship between high altitude hypoxia, malnutrition and growth stunting.

Eryn Niblick ‘ 13
Alliance for Youth Development - Cape Coast, Ghana
At Alliance for Youth Development, Eryn will work with the HIV/AIDS School Alert Programme and she will also volunteer at the orphanage Children's Home of Hope. The purpose is to empower and promote the welfare of youth while bridging the developmental gaps existing between communities. At the orphanage she will help children with their homework and organize educational and recreational activities.

Sheila Niedziela ‘ 13
Minerology at Akha Medical Clinic - Chiang Rai, Thailand
During her internship, Sheila will be testing soil samples for fertility and ascertain why red clay soils are deficient in certain nutrients. This will lead to an analysis that could suggest feasible options to local villagers to improve soil conditions.


 Katherine Hadden '13
Operation Wallacea - Honduras
Katherine will participate in the Operation Wallacea internship program in Honduras during the summer of 2011. She will be exposed to various aspects of field biology work, including conservation, surveying, DNA extraction and marine ecology. More specifically, she will complete reef, fish, coral and macro-invertebrate surveys to provide data on the effectiveness of reef management.

Tyler Hall '13
Energy and Geoscience Institute - Bratislava, Slovakia
Tyler will do an internship at the Energy and Geoscience Institute in Bratislava,Slovakia, during the summer of 2011. He will learn to manage a database of structural and geophysical information on several localities including the Black Sea, Circum-Atlantic Margins, Poland and Colombia. Later during his internship he will supervise and train a team of students to use the database and programs and to manipulate project data.

Keisha Moore'12
Ministry of Trade and Industries - Accra, Ghana
In January of 2012, Keisha will expand her experiences in Africa (previously J Term in South Africa and a semester in Morocco) by traveling to Ghana where she will intern at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. She will observe firsthand how external trade agreements are made, learning about the process of organization and presentation, pricing, monopolization and legislation for consumer protection. She will also have the opportunity to work with the National Procurement Agency for purchasing essential non-domestic goods.

Carly Ramos '12
Child Family Health International - Mumbai, India
Carly's internship next January, 2012, is named "Confronting Tropical Disease Challenges in Mumbai, India." She is interested in learning about cultural beliefs and health care practices in India and during her four weeks in India she will have clinical rotations in important infectious disease hospitals in the country. She will also be able to work in rural settings, giving her a more holistic overview of the Indian healthcare system.

Ethan Staats '13
Operation Wallacea - Honduras
Ethan's internship will take place this summer 2011 in Honduras, where he will work as a research assistant with the Operation Wallacea program in Cusuco National Park. He will work with tropical forest mensuration and biodiversity monitoring as well as study the park's amphibians for fungus and take genetic samples for species cataloging.

John Stuligross '13
Experiential Learning International Medical Internship - Kenya
During the summer of 2011, John will intern with Experiential Learning International, in Naruku, Kenya. He will work in a medical clinic performing a range of duties from paperwork to hands-on medical practices. He will also visit many HIV/AIDS orphanages, tutoring students in English, science and math. In addition, he will be able to shadow doctors at the Provincial General Hospital. He will stay with a host family in order to learn as much as possible about the culture and to practice speaking Swahili.

Anne Louise Wagner '13
La Casa de Acogida Mantay - Cusco, Peru
Anne Louise plans to intern at the Casa Mantay Organization in Cusco, Peru, where she will work with young pregnant girls and mothers ages twelve to eighteen, who have been victims of rape and abuse. She will be able to apply knowledge she has gained in her coursework at Hartwick in order to empower the program participants and enable them to secure a better future for themselves and their children. Her goal is to better understand women's rights, especially in a developing country.