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Study Abroad

We live in an essentially intercultural world, and the best way to understand our world is to experience other cultures face to face. At Hartwick, we get students out of the classroom and on location as early and as often as we can.

Consider this: Most college-bound students say they want to study abroad in college — at Hartwick, 60% of our students actually do it. In fact, Hartwick ranks second among national colleges for the percentage of students who study abroad (2008 Open Doors: Report on International Exchange).

So if you’re passionate about studying off campus and adding exponentially to your college experience, you can spend a semester or a year studying though colleges in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific — pretty much anywhere in the world.

How does Global Education fit into a Hartwick education?
Hartwick is committed to preparing graduates who will thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world. Our Liberal Arts in Practice approach to education places a strong emphasis on social and global interdependence through practical experiences--both inside and outside the classroom.

Research indicates that studying off campus in another culture is one of the most effective and dramatic ways to develop:

  • An understanding of other cultures and a willingness to consider varied cultural perspectives;
  • An awareness of the interconnections among nations and among issues; and
  • The knowledge and skills that will enable you to be successful in working with people of different backgrounds.

The career you begin when you graduate from college could take you anywhere on the globe. Even if you stay right here, your life and work will involve people from cultural backgrounds different from your own. Whatever your future, Hartwick will prepare you to engage and thrive.

Applying for Study Abroad at Hartwick

In addition to Hartwick’s own J Term study-abroad opportunities, Hartwick also offers a wide variety of semester and year-long study-abroad programs that have something for everyone–from more traditional programs studying in Western European countries like France, Italy, and Great Britain to programs that allow for study and immersion in places like China, Argentina, and Ghana.

Hartwick offers two distinct options for students in choosing their programs:

  1. Students can choose to apply to a Hartwick-affiliated study-abroad program with Hartwick sponsorship. This option allows students to be sponsored by Hartwick College and therefore requires them to pay only their Hartwick fees when studying abroad (tuition and fees + room and board only if room and board are included in the program), regardless of the program location that they choose. There are limited numbers of spots available for Hartwick sponsorship in affiliated programs, however, so the Office of Global Education will consider student essays, academic ability, and financial need to determine which students will be sponsored each semester.

  2. Students who do not receive, or choose not to apply for Hartwick sponsorship may take a “leave of absence” from Hartwick and apply to study abroad directly through Hartwick-affiliated programs, through programs sponsored by other American colleges and universities, or directly through accredited foreign universities. Students who choose this option are responsible for paying the full cost of the individual program’s fees, which can vary depending on the program location, affiliated college or university, and type of program offered.

Hartwick’s study-abroad options also include a variety of non-Hartwick J Term and summer study programs with both Hartwick-affiliated colleges and other, non-affiliated programs. Students’ potential study-abroad options are abundant at Hartwick, therefore all students are required to work with the Office of Global Education in Golisano Hall to locate and apply to appropriate study-abroad programs. Hartwick’s director of global education will help students find programs that fit their interests, financial requirements, and that have transferable credit. Hartwick has an impressive number of program options available, and the director of global education is an excellent resource in helping students decide where to study.

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