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Anthropology 355 - South Africa: Changes and Challenges

The richest country in Africa, South Africa was ruled until very recently by a brutal white dictatorship that repeatedly committed crimes against humanity upon its black inhabitants. Starting at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, students travel from Kruger Park to the Indian Ocean to learn of the changes and challenges since then, with lectures by local experts, students and citizens. They visit game reserves, famous archaeological and paleontological sites, rural native villages as well as glittering malls, museums, schools, orphanages, squatter camps, beaches, and mountains in a quest to understand their continuing transition to a multiracial, multicultural democracy.

Course: ANTH 355
Location: Various locations in South Africa
Prerequisite: ANTH 137, 237 (Africa only) or 335.
Program Directors: Connie Anderson and Craig Bielert
Curricular requirement: EL
Cost: $4,000
Length of program: 28 days
Meals: One meal per day included

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