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Business Administration 250/350 - Romania: Past, Present, and Potential

This course explores many different aspects of Romanian life, business, and world perspectives. From the peasant and Roma (Gypsy) experience to the new "rich" and "super-rich," all have shared and experienced what it was like to be repressed and denied many freedoms that we Americans take for granted. Students will be given exposure to business people, entrepreneurs, Financial Guard representatives, professors, politicians, bankers, legal and medical officials, and ordinary citizens from all walks of life. This will give them a deep appreciation of a totally different culture.

In addition, we will visit historic and ancient towns, following the train of the final days of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife from their vicious repression of the first revolts in 1989 to the site of their last speech, and finally to the city where they were arrested, tried, and executed, ending a horrible time in Romanian life. The same people mentioned above will give their unique perspectives of those days.

Course: BUSA 250/350
Location: Romania
Prerequisite: For BUSA 250 - BUSA 101 - For BUSA 350 - BUSA 230/240/280
Program Directors: Tom Sears and Paul Messner
Curricular requirement: EL
Cost: $3,500
Length of program: 24 days
Meals: Two meals per day

Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.