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Political Science 250 - Europe: European Union Politics

Students will study the opportunities and challenges faced by the European Union (EU) today. We will consider the role of the European Union in pacifying the continent after WWII and reuniting it following the Cold War. We'll look at EU institutions, how several important European states and their citizens related to the EU, and how EU policy is made and carried out. Through a week of intensive on-campus course work and 18 days of site visits, research and reflection in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and Frankfurt, students will immerse themselves in the politics of the important supranational organizations as well as the cultures of some its largest member states.

Course: POSC 250
Location: England, France, Belgium, and Germany
Prerequisite: None
Program Directors: Amy Forster Rothbart and Michael Forster Rothbart
Curricular requirement: EL
Cost: $4,280
Length of program: 5 days on-campus; 18 days off-campus
Meals: Two meals a day included

Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.