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Sociology 350 - England: Social Work in London

English speaking yet culturally diverse and urban, London provides a rich array of social work programs serving multi-cultural populations across a broad spectrum of needs. Students will have the opportunity to research, explore, and network with services, participate in site visits, and meet with British social workers in a variety of professional settings. These may include child guidance, victims' services, health and mental care settings, housing and homelessness, substance abuse, child welfare, and others. This is an opportunity to increase understanding of global social work, comparing with social work in the United States, as well as to develop cultural competency and self-awareness.

Course: SOCI 350
Location: London
Prerequisite: SOCI 321
Program Directors: Justine Woolner-Wise and Tom Wise
Curricular requirement: EL
Cost: $4,600
Length of program: 21 days
Meals: Two meals per day included

Prices of Off-Campus J Term programs are estimates. If there are factors that affect the final cost of a program, such as fluctuations in currency exchange rates or fuel price increases, a fee adjustment will be announced. Should there be a change in a program fee students will have two weeks from notification of that change, or until the last day of classes, (whichever is shorter) to pay.