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The Off-Campus J Term Application Process

2015 Off-Campus J Term Application Process

Before you apply, make sure you've read the Important Dates, Information and Policies section on the website.

The application process consists of six steps:

1. Complete the online application form - on this form the Conditions for Participation, Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement and Financial Agreement form will be sent to you by email. For your convenience, you can also elect to send, via email, the form to your parent/guardian. Please apply to one program. If you wish to apply to another pogram, please withdraw from the first program and fill out the online application for the new program. You don't need to redo any other documentation. 
2. Once you've submitted the online application form, you will receive a confirmation email. Print this email message as it will serve as the cover letter to your complete application.
3. Print, fill in, sign, and initial the Conditions for Participation, Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement and Financial Agreement Form; a parent or guardian needs to intial and sign. The parent/guardian can fax/scan in signatures to Hartwick while you can submit your signature on a separate copy of the form.
4. Print and sign a copy of your completed online Medical Information and Release Form (http://info.hartwick.edu/psge/JTermMedical.asp). Note that if you're under 18, a parent/guardian will need to sign this form as well.
5. Photocopy your ID. For international programs, photocopy your valid passport or proof of passport application (receipt or copy of application); for domestic programs please photocopy your driver's license or state-issued ID. If your passport expires before July 1, 2015, please start the renewal process now.
6. Finally, please compile these parts of the application and turn in to the PSGE Center.

Once you submit your complete application to the PSGE Center, the Program Director will review your application. You may receive questions regarding your application from the Program Director or a request from the Program Director to meet in person.

Only students with complete applications can be accepted into a program. After this date, you will receive an official email/letter notifying you of your status in the course. This email will also explain how to make your deposit to the Office of Student Accounts (Bresse, 2nd Floor). 

For your benefit, we suggest that you make a copy of your application.

Key Deadlines for Off-Campus J Term Programs:

Category Due Date (2014)
J Term Program Complete Application Rolling basis between Sept 2 and Sept 19
$500 Deposit
Sept 30
Full Payment Oct 10

For programs with remaining spaces, there will be a fall application season. Incoming first-year students are particularly encourage to apply at that time.