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Funding for Off-Campus Experiences

Hartwick Opportunities:

The Emerson International Internship Scholarship provides a $5,000 grant for students to pursue their interests in an international setting. All majors can apply. Emerson internships must be registered for academic credit. For more information, contact the Director of Global Education.

This scholarship provides support for sophomore and junior students to undertake independent/directed study abroad. All majors are eligible. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Students must demonstrate financial need. For more information, contact the Director of Global Education.

International Scholarships for Study Abroad:

Spain: http://www.becasmae.es
Germany: http://www.daad.org/page/46130/
United Kingdom: http://www.butex.ac.uk/?q=node/38
Australia: http://studyinaustralia.gov.au/Sia/en/CourseSearch/ScholarshipSearch.htm

National Scholarships for Study Abroad:

There are many organizations that sponsor study, work, or research overseas. Some of the scholarships are intensely competitive, while others are for a very specific purpose. You can't win a scholarship if you don't apply, so go ahead and take a chance! You will find that the process itself is a learning experience. Most scholarships have restrictions, like only certain destinations or only for certain fields of study. Each one has its own selection criteria and deadlines. Below is a list of national scholarships for study, work, and research. Remember, if you don’t apply, you can’t win, so get to work! Good luck!

American Scandinavian Foundation
The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) promotes international understanding through educational and cultural exchange between the United States and Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Each year, the ASF awards more than $500,000 in fellowships and grants to individual students, scholars, professionals, and artists for projects abroad. Please see Web site for more information about the program and its application process. http://www.amscan.org/fellowship.html

B’nai Brith Hillel
Ben Gurion University and B'nai Brith Hillel offer five $1,000 grants to students who are active in Jewish leadership activities on their campus. Once the student has been accepted to BGU, he/she should obtain a grants application from the National Hillel Office. Grant recipients participate in a creative leadership program of workshops, field trips, and seminars while in Israel. Returning grant recipients are expected to play an active role in promoting BGU and Israel awareness, and in planning Israel-related programs at their home universities or colleges.

Barry Goldwater
The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry M. Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.S. Senate. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields. http://www.act.org/goldwater/

Blakemore Asian Language Fellowship Grant
Application Deadline:
Blakemore Foundation grants provide funds for a year of advanced language study at an educational institution in Asia selected by the applicant and approved by the Foundation. If there is no appropriate language program at the applicant's level, grants may be for private tutorials in the Asian country. Grants are not intended for part-time study or research. http://www.blakemorefoundation.org/language.htm

Bridging to Japan
Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan fund $2,500 or $4,000 for semester or year programs in Japan respectively. 100 awards are made annually. All majors may apply. Prior language instruction in Japanese is not required. www.colorado.edu/ealld/atj/Bridging/scholarships.html

British Council
Web site reviews a number of awards that will fund international visitors to the United Kingdom. Aside from those also listed in this document, for students serious about graduate study in the United Kingdom, the Overseas Research Student award deserves particular attention. 100 are available and the funding is substantial. www.britishcouncil-usa.org/learning/index.shtml

Funds study abroad to most nations (excluding Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). Provides up to $10,000 per semester. Eligibility: U.S. citizen. Interested in working in areas related to national security. Study proposal relates to the goals of the NSEP. www.iie.org/nsep. There also is a Boren award for graduate study abroad. http://nsep.aed.org/

Carnegie Endowment for Peace Junior Fellowships
Application Deadline:
January 15
Each year the Endowment offers 8-10 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors and individuals who have graduated during the past academic year. They are selected from a pool of nominees from close to 300 colleges. Carnegie Junior Fellows work as research assistants to the Endowment's senior associates. Positions are paid, full-time positions for one year. Junior fellows are currently paid a gross salary of $2,750 per month. A full benefits package also is provided. Please see Web site for more information. http://www.carnegieendowment.org/

Charles Lindbergh Foundation
Application Deadline:
June each year
The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation provides grants of up to $10,580 (a symbolic amount representing the cost of the "Spirit of St. Louis") to men and women whose individual initiative and work in a wide spectrum of disciplines furthers the Lindberghs' vision of a balance between the advance of technology and the preservation of the natural/human environment. To date, 225 men and women in the United States and abroad have received more than $2.1 million to support their work. To find out more about this scholarship, check out the Web site. http://www.lindberghfoundation.org/grants/index.html

Funds various programs for study in Germany, ranging from three weeks of intensive language study to a year of post-baccalaureate research. Some awards will support German internships as well. Eligibility: Typically U.S. or Canadian citizenship. Required language skills vary with the award. Most disciplines are eligible to apply. www.daad.org/scholarships.htm

Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics
Application Deadline:
The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest is an annual competition designed to challenge college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today's complex world. Students are encouraged to write thought-provoking personal essays that raise questions, single out issues, and are rational arguments for ethical action. More information is available at the Web site listed below. http://www.eliewieselfoundation.org/EthicsPrize/information.html

Funds summer, semester, or year abroad in any of 15 different Asian nations. $3,000-$7,000 award depending on duration. Eligibility: U.S. citizen. Verifiable financial need. First-time visitors to the destination country are preferred. www.iie.org/programs/freeman-asia/default.htm

Application Deadline:
Funds academic year abroad. Provides for most expenses. Choose from 140 different nations. Program is designed by the applicant. Please see Professor Enrique Morales-Diaz in Modern Languages or visit the department Fulbright Web page for more information. Eligibility: U.S. citizen. Language proficiency for host country. Complete B.A./B.S. before grant begins. www.iie.org/fulbright/us

Gates Cambridge
Application Deadline:
Expenses and stipend for second bachelor's degree or graduate degree at Cambridge. Eligibility: Accepted at Cambridge University. Under the age of 30. Any nationality outside the UK. GPA of 3.5 or higher. Evidence of high potential in chosen field. Commitment to positive change in fields where Cambridge is particularly strong. www.gates.scholarships.cam.ac.uk/index.html

Application Deadlines: October/April
Funds study abroad to almost any country. For undergraduates. Any major. Provides $5,000 toward semester or year programs. Eligibility: U.S. citizen or U.S. national. Only students with Pell Grants qualify. Consult with Office of International Programs regarding the Gilman and your plans for studying abroad. www.iie.org/gilman.

HECUA provides scholarship funding to students who have worked for social change and whose future goals will be strengthened by a HECUA semester program. There is more information regarding the individual HECUA program/s at the Web site. http://www.hecua.org/scholarships.html

International Research and Exchanges Board
IREX awards grants for Asia and Europe to individuals, collaborative groups, and organizations through the programs that it administers. The most up-to-date information on grant opportunities at IREX can be found by browsing our program pages. IREX program pages contain information on grant opportunities, application deadlines, application requirements, contact information, and information on the program’s scope and history. http://www.irex.org/grants/index.htm#US

Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship
The Kosciuszko Foundation offers two exchange programs to Poland for Americans and offers aid through the Tuition Scholarships that support all majors. The Year Abroad program is for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to study the Polish language for a year or a semester; the Graduate Studies and Research program is for graduate students, scholars, and professors whose theses require research at Polish universities and archives. Please see the Web site for additional information on the scholarship associated with this program. http://www.kosciuszkofoundation.org/EDScholarships.html

Lakselaget Scholarship and Internship Grant
Application Deadline:
Only women
The Lakselaget Scholarship Fund was established to celebrate, encourage, and advance the organization's motto, women who swim against the current. Its goal is to promote the international connections between Norway and the United States, and learn, teach, and share knowledge that will benefit women in their complex roles in today's society. Applicants should have an interest in contemporary Norway and all things Norwegian, such as the sciences, technology, business, politics, language, and culture, and who seek to enhance and disseminate their knowledge. http://www.lakselaget.org/pages/foundation.html

Application Deadline:
The Malmberg Scholarship for Study in Sweden will grant significant funding for up to one year of study or research in Sweden to a U.S. resident who is enrolled in a degree-granting program at an accredited college or university, or who is a qualified scholar engaged in study or research. There is more information concerning the scholarship online, listed on the Web site. www.americanswedishinst.org/scholarship.htm

Marion Wright Edelman
Application Deadline:
April 1
The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship, an award of $1,000, is offered to a person of minority background and looks to promote a history of commitment to the creations of a just and peaceful world. The candidate chosen for the award will participate fully in the program for which he or she has been accepted and look to share his or her Lisle experience in concrete ways in order to benefit others. http://www.lisle.utoledo.edu/www/schola.html

Application Deadline:
Funds study at any university in the UK for 2 years. Eligibility: U.S. citizen. Award tenable within two years of B.A./B.S. graduation. Minimum 3.7 GPA. Looking for scholarship and leadership. Demonstrated potential in field. Graduate goals consistent with preparation. Good rationale for study in the UK. For information go to www.marshallscholarship.org.

Application Deadline:
Funds graduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland for one year. Eligibility: U.S. citizen. Intellectual distinction and active involvement. Demonstrated potential to lead and serve others. Good rationale for study at chosen university. http://www.us-irelandalliance.org/content/3/en/George%20Mitchell%20Scholarship%20Program%20%7C%20US-Ireland%20Alliance.html

Mitsubishi Trust Foundation
The Mitsubishi Trust Foundation offers scholarships to students enrolled in specific universities in Japan. Interested students should apply to those universities for the scholarship, which covers full tuition at a Japanese university or college for study at either the graduate or undergraduate level as well as living and accommodation expenses of ¥150,000 per month. Interested students who are accepted to International Christian University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Sophia University, Doshisha University, and Waseda University are eligible for this scholarship and should see the Web site for more information about the application and program. http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~jlp/mitsubishi.html

National Italian American Foundation
The National Italian American Foundation will award scholarships and grants to outstanding students for use during the following academic year. Scholarship awards range from $2,500-$10,000. Each scholarship award covers only tuition and university-provided room and board. Scholarship recipients are eligible for one year of scholarship support. Scholarship monies not used during one academic year are not transferable to the following academic year. Scholarship applicants and winners can and are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years. Please see Web site for more information concerning the scholarship and eligibility. https://www.niaf.org/scholarships/index.asp

Nissho Iwai Foundation
Japan Nissho Iwai Foundation offers scholarships for foreign students registered in an undergraduate or a postgraduate course at a Japanese university. Students specializing in the humanities and social sciences have priority. http://www.umich.edu/~umjtmp/otherfel.htm

National Society of Collegiate Scholars awards one $5,000 award each semester for study abroad, and one $2,500 award for summer abroad. Two awards for Semester at Sea also are offered. Eligibility: NSCS member with full-time undergraduate standing. www.nscs.org/scholarship/abroad.htm

Order of the Sons of Italy in America
John Cabot University - The Order Sons of Italy in America "Petrol Secchia Scholarship." This scholarship is granted to qualified Italian American undergraduates for one semester or academic year at John Cabot University in Rome. A $5,000 scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit, financial need, and the desire to further one's knowledge of his or her Italian heritage. The financial award received allows the recipient to be classified as a "Secchia Scholar" with an additional Merit Scholarship of 25% tuition reduction of the current JCU tuition. Preference will be given to students who live or study in the Midwest. Recipients are selected by OSIA. Scholarships for a summer session also may be awarded (lesser amount). More information is available on the Web site. http://www.johncabot.edu/admissions/scholarships/secchia_scholarships.htm

Organization of Tropical Studies Costa Rica
The OTS Research in Costa Rica Fellowship Program is offering awards intended to assist thesis-related field research in tropical biology and similar fields. There is a number of different awards available, ranging from research fellowships available in amounts up to $3,000, to Pilot awards for exploratory research available in amounts up to $1,500. Please see Web site for more information concerning the individual awards. http://www.ots.duke.edu/en/education/fellowships_under.shtml

Partners of the Americas Fellowship in International Development
This program offers a two-year educational program in which young leaders from the U.S. and Latin American/Caribbean countries participate in a series of seminars and other activities requiring a 4-6 week commitment during each of the two years. Students will participate in development projects. The program covers airfare, lodging, living allowance, and health insurance for the Fellow only. The Fellow’s organization in his/her country will cover the salary during the fellowship period. Please see the Web site for more information. http://www.partners.net/

Phi Kappa Phi
Application Deadline:
Study Abroad Grants in the form of 38 $1,000 scholarships. Eligibility: Any major. Must have between 56 and 90 credit hours and a 3.5 or higher GPA. http://phikappaphi.org/index.html. PKP membership is not required. Good for summer study abroad.

Application Deadline:
Funds two years of study at Oxford. Looking for students who will work for the good of the world in whatever field they choose. Eligibility: Under the age of 25 when the award begins. Demonstrated potential in service and leadership. Intellectual distinction. GPA 3.75 or higher typically. U.S. citizen or citizen from other eligible country. Good rationale for study at Oxford. www.rhodesscholar.org

Application Deadlines:
Funds study abroad for one year to further individual international understanding. Eligibility: Any major. No relationship to Rotarian. Language skills for host country. Leadership and communication skills are valued. www.rotary.org/foundation/educational/amb_scho/index.html

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Support is provided to carry out short-term research projects in the tropics in areas of STRI research and under the supervision of Institute staff members. Projects may be exploratory or complete in themselves and their usual duration is 3 months. Fellowships may provide a stipend, modest research allowance, and airfare. Please see the Web site for more information concerning the application process. http://www.stri.org/english/education_fellowships/fellowships/index.php

Summer Internship Institut Pasteur
These 11-week internships at the Institut Pasteur, one of the world's leading private, nonprofit centers for infectious disease research, offer hands-on laboratory experience to undergraduates contemplating a scientific career. See Web site for information and downloads. http://www.pasteurfoundation.org/zuccaire.html

World Peace
Application Deadline:
Rotary award funds two years of graduate study abroad related to peace and conflict issues. Sites in Japan, Australia, France, Argentina, and England. Eligibility: Majors that prepare student for international relations, conflict resolution, etc. No relationship to Rotarians. Language skills for host country and proficiency in a second language. Consult with Scholarship Office regarding deadlines. They are set individually in each Rotary district. www.rotary.org/foundation/educational/amb_scho/centers/index.html