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Foreign Language Requirement

Current research on learning disabilities and language learning suggests that educators should not assume that students classified as LD and ADHD cannot learn a foreign language. Given proper accommodations (e.g. extra time for tests), many students classified as LD or ADHD can succeed in learning a foreign language. The use of a course modification should be a last resort, after the student has demonstrated that he or she made a sincere effort (by coming to class, completing assignments, meeting with a tutor and the professor outside of class, etc.) but was unable to learn the language. See Richard L. Sparks, "Intelligence, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Foreign Language Learning Problems: A Research Update," ADFL Bulletin, 36:2 (Winter 2005), 43-50.

Hartwick College Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum has a foreign language requirement that may be satisfied by the following ways:

  • Complete a 6 credit elementary sequence (101 and 102) OR
  • Complete a 3 credit intermediate course (201) OR
  • Complete elementary course with corresponding off-campus program OR
  • Complete elementary course with corresponding on-campus culture course (6 credits)

An exemption from completing a foreign language requirement in high school does not mean that a student will be exempt from the foreign language requirement at Hartwick.

Students with documented learning disabilities may be able to receive credit for an introductory language course by completing a directed study in English supervised by a full time professor in the Modern and Classical Languages department. Please read the complete guidelines on the Request to Modify the Language Requirement form.

Strategies for Helping Students Learn a Foreign Language: http://www2.gsu.edu/~wwwrld/6429.html.

AccessAbility Services will assist the student with appropriate classroom accommodations, and discuss strategies for studying a foreign language.

Appeal process: See information regarding Accommodation Disputes and ADA Grievance Procedures