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Information for New Students

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New students requesting accommodations must complete a Voluntary Disclosure Form.  For more information about requesting accommodations, please visit our Requesting Accommodations webpage.

Information about the Writing and Math Placement Exams
The student who requires testing accommodations during the Writing and/or Math Placement Exam should contact AccessAbility Services at AccessAbilityServices@hartwick.edu to discuss this request at least one week prior to the exam. Accommodations can be requested only by the student. Appropriate documentation justifying the need for the accommodation should be mailed or faxed at least one week prior to the exam.

AccessAbility Services will review documentation to determine appropriate accommodations for the Writing and Math Placement Exam and courses throughout the semester. In the event that documentation review does not occur in a timely fashion prior to the Writing Placement Exam, we will, in good faith, provide temporary testing accommodations for the Writing and Math Placement Exam provided the student makes the request to AccessAbility Services one week prior to the exam.

The Writing Placement exam is one-hour and the Math Placement exam is 50 minutes in length. The Math exam states that no calculators are to be used during the exam. We are adhering to this requirement although a qualified student with a disability may request extended time on this exam. It is to the student's advantage to demonstrate his/her true algebraic knowledge and be placed in an appropriate math level than to score higher and be expected to take higher level math courses.