Testing Accommodations

The Center for Student Success provides an alternate testing service for eligible students. Students can find distraction reduced testing rooms, use assistive technology, and extended test time (up to double time). All students must be approved by AccessAbility Services for testing accommodations.

Students with documented disabilities seeking testing accommodations must contact AccessAbility Services at accessabilityservices@hartwick.edu or 607-431-4195.

Testing Accommodation Procedures:

  1. All students must request testing accommodation 2-3 days prior to a scheduled exam.
  2. Students must complete the online testing request form or a purple testing request form which they can obtain from
    AccessAbility Services in the Center for Student Success.
  3. These forms will need to be completed in order for testing requests to be approved.
  4. Instructors must clearly communicate how they will deliver exams to The Center for Student Success.
  5. Faculty are strongly encouraged to send exams electronically to accessabilityservices@hartwick.edu or hand deliver to The Center for Student Success.
  6. Faculty are strongly encouraged to pick up completed exams at The Center for Student Success or clearly specify on the testing request form the best option for delivery of a completed exam.

Please note: If utilizing the online testing request form, once students have submitted the form, faculty MUST respond to the email and complete the remainder of the form. If this is not done, the testing request will not be valid.

Thank you for your cooperation. Following these procedures will make it easier to meet the testing and learning accommodations of our students.

Complete the online testing accommodations form.