New Student Academic Course Planning

Completing your first College course schedule is an important milestone in your academic journey!  You will start the process during your June New Student Orientation program and will complete your schedule later in the summer. Follow the outline below to guide your way.

Step 1:
Register to attend New Student Orientation and review the First-Year Seminar options for the Fall.

Step 2:
At Orientation you will complete a form to indicate your major (or Exploratory status if undecided) and select your First-Year Seminar preferences.

Step 3:
In July a partial schedule will be created and shared with you.  You will then complete the course registration process online.   You will want to reivew the following resources as you prepare for online registration:

We are excited to begin the process of working with you as we prepare for your first semester at Hartwick. If you have questions regarding the course registration process, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 607-431-4460.