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SOAR Testimonials

SOAR is supportive.
"I would recommend SOAR to everybody. It was very supportive, which is what I needed. I got a taste of the college workload, I got familiar with the campus, I learned how to handle the stress, and I formed great relationships with the other students in SOAR. We stick together even now. I was set up to succeed because of SOAR."
Julie Moore '15
Scarsdale, NY

Get familiar.
"Not only did SOAR help improve my work and study habits from high school, but I got a chance to become familiar with most of the campus and where my fall semester classes would be. My professors for my SOAR classes were excellent and I could tell they truly cared about getting us ready to take on college. I also met some fantastic people in the SOAR group who I still enjoy talking and hanging out with today."
Jared Babinec '16
Little Falls, NY

Make new discoveries.
"The SOAR Program has been a great experience for me. It helped me get a better knowledge of the college, prepared me for the fall, and helped me make new friends."
Pre Dee Hser '18
Ithaca, NY


Students establish confidence.
"Before the SOAR program, I was worried about how much work college was going to have. After the SOAR program, I know I can do that work."
Dakota Morgan '19  
Hamden, CT

Know the Facts.
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