CSS Staff

Here at CSS, we work with you on your transition to college life. We offer quality programs and services like tutoring, progressive instruction, exploratory advisement, and learning support services to help you make the most of your time at Hartwick. We invite you to stop by the Center to meet and get to know us.


Chad Christensen

Chad Christensen, Assistant Director of Student Success
607-431-4134, christensenc@hartwick.edu

Chad Christensen is an engaging and approachable practitioner who brings experience in working with first-year experience and academic success programs. He ensures that new students are welcomed and connected to the campus community through New Student Orientation and Welcome Weekend.

Robin Diana

Robin Diana, Dean of Student Success and Retention
607-431-4892, dianar@hartwick.edu

Robin Diana brings an innovative vision and collaborative spirit to the creation of the Center's programs and services. She is committed to strengthening the student experience by promoting greater academic and personal engagement that aligns with the ideals of a liberal arts education. Robin puts students first, and says "making a difference in the lives of students is our priority."

Ann-Lis Glenn

Ann-Lis Glenn, Associate Director of Student Success
607-431-4744, glenna@hartwick.edu
Ann-Lis Glenn brings a positive spirit when working with new students. She serves as one of the primary contacts for transfer students, teaching Transfer Transitions 101. She works with faculty, staff and students from across the college overseeing ‘Wick 101 instructor and peer leader training and new student communications.

Erin Braselmann

Erin Braselmann, Director of AccessAbility Services
607-431-4467, BraselmannE@hartwick.edu
Erin Braselmann combines her teaching, tutoring, and mentoring experience to enthusiastically engage students in taking ownership for their college experiences.  An advocate for higher education, Erin is dedicated to promoting access to the college environment and decreasing the barriers that exist toward this end. She works one-on-one with eligible students to provide learning accommodations.

Jason Stanton

Jason Stanton, Assistant Director of Student Success
607-431-4661, stantonj@hartwick.edu

Jason Stanton is a dynamic facilitator who invites students to be real with themselves. With an authentic approach, Jason is able to relate to students on all levels. His innovative tutoring model, UNIT and Progressive Instruction programs continue to be at the core of assisting students in taking ownership of their academic success.

James Canal '16

James Canal '16

I love pushing myself to do my best in each course I take.

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