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PE Academic Courses

Academic courses offered by the Department of Physical Education:

The courses below are required for Hartwick's coaching certification program.

PE 202 Theory and Techniques of Coaching (3 credits)
The first phase of this course will review basic philosophy and principles of athletics as an integral part of the total educational experience.  Understanding of basic state and national regulations and recommendations related to athletics, legal considerations and other basic coaching responsibilities.  The second phase of the course will be concerned with history, objectives, rules, teaching methods, performance skills, technical information (offense, defense, strategy, etc.), care and fitting of equipment, training techniques, officiating, etc. of the sport selected.  The student may select either soccer or basketball.

PE 203 The Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education (3 credits)
This course will examine the basic philosophy and principles of interscholastic athletics as part of physical education.  State, local and national policies and regulations related to athletics will be discussed.  Other topics considered will be legal issues, the function and organization of leagues and athletic associations in New York State, personal standards for the coach as educational leader, public relations, and safety procedures, principles of school budgets, record keeping, purchasing and facility usage.

PE 302 Sports Health (3 credits)
Current theory and definitions of sports medicine will be discussed as well as the prevention and correction of accidents in athletic activities.  The use of proper personal and field equipment, support methods, conditioning exercises, the medical examination and therapeutic aids will be demonstrated.  Laboratory work includes the clinical use of physiotherapy methods.  Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 110, 111) would be helpful.