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PHED Skills Courses

Skill Courses for Physical Education Requirement (PHED)
Physical education skill courses are graded on a passed-not passed basis.  The letter (Z) following a course number indicates that the course begins in the second half of the semester.  Students should check to determine course start and end dates at the time of registration. 

Some skill courses carry an additional fee, which is listed in the course schedule prepared by the Registrar.  These fees are non-refundable once the term begins.  Courses marked below ($) require an additional fee, and courses which require equipment (E) or transportation (T) are also marked.



Individual/Team Activities

Outdoor Pursuits


Men's Intercollegiate Athletics

Women's Intercollegiate Athletics

PHED 110 Swimming
(1 credit)

PHED 210 Intermediate Swimming (1 credit)

PHED 310 Advanced Swimming (1 credit)

PHED 312 *Water Safety Instructor (WSI) (2 credits, meets full term)

PHED 315 *Lifeguarding (2 credits, meets full term, Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and First Aid/CPR)

 * Only one of the two aquatics courses (312 or 315) listed may count toward the physical education requirement. 

Any one theatre arts dance course may be taken toward the PHED skill course requirement.

THEA 110 Intro to Movement & Dance for Theater

THEA 111 Modern Dance

THEA 112 Ballet I

THEA 115 Dance Rehearsal & Performance

THEA 212 Ballet II

PHED 123 Ballroom Dance (1 credit)
A social activity class focusing on the performance of basic ballroom dances, waltz, fox trot, cha cha, rhumba, tango and swing, and the development of social etiquette.

PHED 124 International Folkdance (1 credit)

PHED 324 Advanced International Folkdance (1 credit)

PHED 130 Personal Fitness (1 credit)
The course provides basic information about health and different ways to improve overall fitness.

PHED 131 Aerobics (1 credit)
The course provides basic information about health and different ways to improve overall fitness.

PHED 133 Weight Training (1 credit)
The course will give basic information about fitness; training in the Elting Fitness Center and how to create a basic weight program. 

PHED 134 Wellness (1 credit)
A classroom class that covers general health topics.

PHED 135 Personal Fitness/Relaxation Techniques (1 credit)
A comprehensive investigation of the basics for physical and mental fitness by using correct methods of stretching, developing flexibility and relaxing the mind and body.

PHED 139 Pilates Mat Work (1 credit)
A method of body conditioning using a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercise developed by Joseph Pilates.

PHED 330 Principles of Personal Fitness Training (1 credit)

PHED 331 Advanced Aerobics (1 credit)

PHED 333 Advanced Weight Training (1 credit)

Individual/Team Activities (1 credit)
General rules and etiquette about the sport as well as basic skill instruction will be taught in each course.

  • PHED 140 Archery
  • PHED 141 Badminton
  • PHED 142 Bowling (T)$
  • PHED 143 Golf (T)$
  • PHED 144 Self Defense
  • PHED 146 Racquetball
  • PHED 147 Tennis
  • PHED 148 Fencing
  • PHED 160 Horsemanship (T)$
  • PHED 240 Intermediate Tennis
  • PHED 246 Intermediate Racquetball
  • PHED 260 Intermediate Horsemanship (T)$

Outdoor Pursuits (1 credit)
Courses are offered when available.

  • PHED 151 Outdoor Adventure
  • PHED 152 Snow Shoeing/Winter Hike (E)
  • PHED 154 Cycling (E)
  • PHED 154 Mountain Biking (E)- General information about fitness and basic skills will be taught.
  • PHED 156 Skiing (E)
  • PHED 251 Outdoor Adventure II
  • PHED 350 Outward Bound/NOLS Program (requires registration in an Outward Bound or NOLS program)
  • PHED 354 Advanced Mountain Biking (permission of instructor) (E)
  • PHED 356 Advanced Skiing (E)

Miscellaneous (1 credit)

  • PHED 163 Karate
  • PHED 164 Responding to Emergencies and Community/CRP
  • PHED 265 Adapted Physical Education (limited to students with temporary or permanent physical disability)

Men's Intercollegiate Athletics (1credit)

  • PHED 411 Basketball
  • PHED 413 Cross Country
  • PHED 417 Lacrosse
  • PHED 419 Soccer
  • PHED 422 Swimming and Diving
  • PHED 423 Tennis
  • PHED 427 Cheerleading
  • PHED 430 Football

Women's Intercollegiate Athletics (1 credit)

  • PHED 411 Basketball
  • PHED 413 Cross Country
  • PHED 414 Field Hockey
  • PHED 417 Lacrosse
  • PHED 419 Soccer
  • PHED 421 Water polo
  • PHED 422 Swimming and Diving
  • PHED 423 Tennis
  • PHED 425 Equestrian
  • PHED 427 Cheerleading
  • PHED 428 Volleyball