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Senior Thesis

At Hartwick, every student submits a senior thesis, which is a great opportunity to explore a subject deeply and work closely with faculty. Most Hartwick students regard the thesis as their defining academic experience at Hartwick.

As a senior, you will work with a faculty member for most of a semester to develop a thesis in your major. Writing a thesis demonstrates your ability to think critically, research skillfully, and communicate effectively. If you are an art or theatre major, you may choose to put up an exhibition or do a public performance to demonstrate a level of mastery in your major.

Many students present their work during the annual Student Scholar Showcase in May. This event highlights the research and scholarly work of over 200 students each year.

Some recent thesis titles include:

  • "Swing," a one-act work on love, lust, and southern gospel set in Oconee County, S.C. in 1951.
    – Meredith Robbins, English and Theatre Arts


  • "Analysis of Ancient Environments through Lake Sediment Cores, Pine Lake"
    – Emily Wild, Geology

  • "Microlending: Prospects for Development and Poverty Alleviation in the Third World: Indonesia and Bangladesh"
    – Rachel Woloszyn, Political Science
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