Photography Studios

The academic darkrooms are located on a mezzanine overlooking the painting circle and printmaking studio. For black and white photography there are eight stations in the group darkroom and one in the senior darkroom with Beseler 45 MX enlargers (one with a cold light source). In each of the two small individual darkrooms there are Omega B66 enlargers. The color darkroom has an Ilford processor (ICP/IWD-42), three dichroic enlargers (two Super Chromega C760 and one Chromega B) as well as a Beseler 45MX enlarger where filters are used. The photo classroom and a small lighting studio are located on the first floor of Anderson. Quarts lights (Lowell Tota Lights) are used in the studio, and there is a still-life table with a translucent surface which can be lit from below. Also available is an Agfa computerized process camera and several 120 and 4X5 cameras. Other facilities include: a 35mm copy camera room; a Litho film processing room, and a Xenon lamp vacuum table room.

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