Printmaking Studio

The printmaking studio houses equipment for all the major Printmaking techniques: Relief, Intaglio, Lithography and Silkscreen. There are also facilities for a variety of photo-printmaking techniques.

There are two presses for Intaglio printing: a large American-French Tool 36" x 60". For lithography, the studio offers a large American-French Tool press 36"x60" and also an older model Fuchs & Lang litho press 24" x 36". For Silkscreen there is a power washer and a lighted sink where to wash the screens. We use exclusively water-based inks for screen printing.

The studio is equipped with a good ventilation system, a ventilated hood for the etching area, and a large aquatint box. There is an eye wash station and a large first aid cabinet inside the studio area.

To see a virtual tour video of the studio click here!