Sculpture Studio

The sculpture studio is the largest of the studios. It houses a wide variety of tools and equipment dedicated exclusively to the making of sculpture. The sculpture studio has a full wood shop, including a band saw, table saws, a panel saw, a radial arm saw, a drill press, a wood lathe and a stationary belt/disc sander. In addition, it is equipped with a wide variety of hand wood working tools, such as sanders, drills, jig saws, routers, carving tools and much more. The studio has a full metalworking facility, including arc welders, oxy/acy torches, a mig welder, a plasma cutter, metal cutting band saw and a gas forge with handforging tools. There is also a variety of hand metal working tools, hammers, grinders and clamps of all types. In the area of traditional sculptural techniques, there is a fully operational bronze and aluminum casting facility that uses the ancient lost-was casting process and plaster investment molds. Finally, there are a generous supply of stone carving tools and equipment. This includes a 14" diamond wet saw, air tools, lifting devices and carbide carving chisels. The studio is well supplied with safety equipment in all of the processes, including gloves, protective clothing, dust masks and respirators, ear plugs, face shields of all types, exhaust and ventilation equipment. There are studio spaces for senior art majors concentrating in sculpture located on the mezzanine of the sculpture studio, as well a 12'x12'x9' foot installation room where sculpture students present temporary sculptural installations throughout the semester.

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