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  • Hartwick Art History students
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Art History Major Requirements

Minimum of 41 credits distributed as follows:

Three Art History survey courses (to be taken in the first year):

  • ARTH 102 World Art History I
  • ARTH 103 World Art History II
  • ARTH 104 World Art History III

8 credits in studio art (courses with the ART designation)

Four upper level Art History courses, distributed as follows:

  • Two courses selected from:
    • ARTH 301 Greek & Roman Art History
    • ARTH 302 Medieval Art History
    • ARTH 303 Italian Renaissance Art History
    • ARTH 401 Northern Renaissance Art History
  • Two courses selected from:
    • ARTH 304 Baroque Art History
    • ARTH 306 20th-Century Art History
    • ARTH 308 Contemporary Art: 1965 to the Present
    • ARTH 403 19th-Century Art

One of the four courses above must be a 400-level course.

Two additional upper level Art History courses (these may be taken from the courses above or any other upper level offerings).

Foreign language:
Art History majors are required to achieve reading competence in a foreign language. Generally, this can be accomplished by taking a two-course sequence of beginning level language.

ARTH 487 Art History Research and Methods: Must be taken during the spring of the Junior year.
ARTH 490 Art History Senior Thesis: Must be taken during the fall of the Senior year.

Three-Year Degree Option:
For students majoring in art history, Hartwick’s Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree Program is a unique opportunity to earn a degree in three years. For more information visit the Program Web site at www.hartwick.edu/threeyeardegree.