Documentary Photography Minor

The Documentary Photography Minor is designed for non-art majors who want to use photography as a tool to examine the world around them. Courses range from basic to advanced photography techniques. Students are encouraged to learn computer/digital imaging as well as traditional methods, such as 4x5 camera and color photography. All photography minors complete an internship to further develop skills. After graduation, documentary photography minors may go on to advanced study to pursue careers in photojournalism; advertising; and fashion, news, sports, ecology/conservation, industrial, architectural, theatrical, and portrait photography.

Requirements for the Minor in Documentary Photography:

A minimum of 21 credits in art and art history, distributed as follows:

One Internship: At a magazine, newspaper, publications or public relations office, or an A-V department. (4 credits)

Contact: Students interested in the Documentary Photography Minor should contact Katharine Kreisher, Professor of Art